3 Reasons Why Your Adverts Are Not Converting

Posted By Leigh Woolard November 15th, 2019

Ads can go wrong and underperform. It’s all part of the testing and scaling process.


These are 3 main reasons your ads are not converting.


Your Offer – Is your offer compelling? Does it offer a solution or does it solve a problem?Don’t do what most businesses do and discount to attract sales. Add value so your price is not an issue.


Your Sales Message – does your message easily explain the transformation or change your product gives the person interested? Are you using video and text based sales messages for your audience to get different types of engagement.


Your Market – are you selling something the market you are targeting desperately wants as opposed to something they need? Are you targeting the right market?


Using our ‘Sift and Sort’ strategy the first thing we find out is which audience is converting and engaging in ads. Then we spend time testing sales messages and offers looking for what converts the best. Then the fun part. Increasing the ad spend (scaling) to increase your ATTENTION and the number of people who buy from you. 💰 💰


If you can determine that you have an issue in either of these 3 areas then great. Advertising on Social Media allows you to change direction fast without wasting anymore money.


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