Why Your Customers Are Tuning Out From Your Adverts

Posted By Leigh Woolard June 19th, 2019

The more you know about your product the harder it is for you to imagine what it’s like to not have it. This is the position your customers are in before purchasing from you.

We always start here when taking over ads for entrepreneurs and brands. It is very common they are not talking to their customers in their ads because they are so involved with their amazing products.


Everybody thinks they are communicating clearly but more often they are not. A majority of the time they are selling the products features in their ads and having to offer discounts to get engagement. This doesn’t attract the best customers.

Imagine having ads where you didn’t have to discount.


Here is how to fix your ads and grow your business:


 Don’t make assumptions. What you think because of your knowledge about your products is very different to someone without knowledge.


 Be intentional in learning from your customers so you can understand why they choose your product.


Listen to what they say and use that language in your ads to attract more ideal customers.


Don’t spray information about your product over them.


Some of this might sound obvious but I would like you to stop and think…… are you really learning and listening to your customers? It’s a challenge because you are so involved in your products.


Entrepreneurs and Brands that communicate clearly in their ads dominate the competition. Want to dominate the competition with your ads?

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How To Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Facebook & Instagram Advertising When Everyone Around You Is Crushing It.

Posted By Arrow Digital May 9th, 2019

The topic of the Facebook Pixel can immediately make marketers and entrepreneurs switch off.  But don’t. This information is easy to digest and will help you get the most out of your Facebook and Instagram Advertising.


The Facebook pixel tracks actions people take on your website, landing pages, shopping cart or forms to help you measure the effectiveness of your advertising and deliver ads more effectively. Setting it up correctly in the order processing part of your website is crucial to campaign success.


After watching one of our training videos a successful entrepreneur contacted us to look at their ad campaigns. They have a fantastic business and are running ads on Facebook and Instagram.


The audit showed they had good levels of engagement and reach from their adverts yet the traffic was not converting at the numbers they wanted. A common issue for most businesses. Each new campaign they launched would make some progress yet die off quickly or like lots of other businesses they were unsure why a certain campaign was not converting at all. The cost and time they were putting in was making it almost not worth running and they were close to just turning it off altogether. Another common theme we see with frustrated entrepreneurs and managers where Facebook & Instagram ads are not working for them yet everyone around them seems to be having success.


Looking into we discovered the Facebook pixel was not setup effectively in their cart which stopped them from being able to target people further along in their buying journey. So their adverts were not being delivered to the best people, likely to engage with their ads and progress to make a purchase. This resulted in their campaigns having a high average cost per click and cost to acquire a new customer.  This is also very common and often what we spot on existing campaigns.

Making the necessary changes has meant improved retargeting process which has dramatically increased orders. This has given better quality data to Facebook so they are delivering the adverts to more qualified buyers. increasing profit and dramatically brought down the cost to acquire a customer.


Here are 3 reasons you need to have your Facebook ad pixel setup correct:


    • Make sure your ads are shown to the right people, on the right devices at the right time. This may seem obvious but there is no guarantee your ads are going to the best person most likely to purchase from you if not setup correctly. This is very common and costs businesses lots of money in wasted advertising.


    • Build effective advertising audiences – this is critical to the success of your campaign. A pixel running incorrect will amplify the number of wrong types of people seeing your adverts because Facebook is confused. Done right decreases your cost to acquire and has your website working like a sales machine.


    • Better evaluate your return on ad spend – by more precisely attributing online behaviours to your Facebook, Instagram and Messenger adverts means you will be able to see which campaigns are bringing in sales.

The pixel guides your ad targeting, remarketing, conversion measuring and sales strategies such as only displaying brand awareness campaigns to people who’ve never visited your website or retargeting people who’ve abandoned online shopping carts. Key to success of your campaigns.


If you are finding your campaigns are not achieving the results you expected then watch this training video www.arrowdigitalagency.com to find out what is working today and join those crushing it online.

How Online Coaches Can Have More Meaningful Engagement Online With Who They Want To Serve.

Posted By Arrow Digital November 2nd, 2018

Often we see entrepreneurs with amazing online coaching programs and amazing funnels however after year 1 they struggle to grow engagement and scale their audience.


If you are experiencing this it is due to the  message you or your agency have put out and the traffic methods you are/are not using.  You need traffic, traffic, traffic to scale but you need an incredible message and strategy to grow engagement and advance your ideal customer to buy.Read More

Facebook Advertising – The Fastest, Most Effective Marketing in 2018

Posted By Emily Tree December 1st, 2017

Since Facebook’s inception in 2004 it’s usage has been on the rise and has steadily become the most famous social networking site worldwide (as of September 2017 and ranked on number of active users).*


Facebook’s daily active users were 1.23 billion on average for December 2016, an increase of 18% year on year and eMarketer estimates 31.6 million to be from the UK.**


Therefore we know that the audience is there using Facebook and with an age range of users between 13 to +65 years, of both genders… worldwide, you would be crazy to think that your target market isn’t using Facebook already.

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How To Make PPC Work Better For Your Business

Posted By Emily Tree November 7th, 2017

As we know Pay Per Click (PPC) is a great tool for increasing your website traffic quickly and efficiently… but is the traffic that it’s bringing in really working for your business or is it dropping off and leaving your website as quickly as it arrives?


Whether your goal is for people to visit a certain area of your website, complete a specific form or perhaps you have an e-commerce site and want your traffic to convert to sales – whatever your goal, you need to ensure the traffic is converting for your needs.


There are thousands of PPC agencies and specialists in the UK but not all show you the full picture of the return on investment (ROI) of your PPC campaigns. Many of them will report on the traffic they’re bringing into your website but don’t always give you the whole story of how well that traffic is performing and essentially converting.Read More

Proud to be part of and supporting Adversity United

Posted By Arrow Digital October 14th, 2017


Adversity United is a new Harrogate based football club for primary school children, geared to help disabled boys and girls play their favourite sport. The brainchild of 16 year old Cameron Osburn has won the support of his school Harrogate Grammar and Arrow Digital is proud to be involved with sponsorship and support with social media.


Cameron’s goal is to help children engage in sport and build confidence before they move up to secondary school. He’s already had a great response and is excited by the prospect of helping to change young people’s lives.Read More