New Guard Coatings

New Guard Coatings

“We have had fantastic service and support from Leigh & Emily (Arrow Digital) in all areas of online advertising, resulting in sustained growth for our business online.  They have taken us international bringing new high value clients we never imagined having – I would highly recommend to anybody. “



Ben Cooper, Entrepreneur

New Guard Coatings, EMPS, NanoTech & HighTemp



New Guard Coatings is a family run business established in 1977 specialising in protective coatings for a range of market sectors.


Goals & Objectives


Unfamiliar to the digital arena, New Guard Coatings were looking to develop the digital side of the business, improve their profile online, and drive increased revenue.


Our Solution


In 2012 we set up an initial Pay Per Click campaign to give New Guard Coatings immediate presence for popular keywords. Due to the success of these campaigns they have been used as a ‘blue print’ for development in International markets and support Search Engine Optimisation in multiple countries.


In 2015 we introduced Facebook Marketing to further grow the audiences they serve all over the globe. This has meant they are able to target their ‘ideal customer’ on social media and scale their businesses.




  • Global orders and repeat customers – within a 2 year period we achieved over 2,000 enquiries which led to sales over £1m
  • 65 competitive keywords ranked on 1st page within 8 months.
  • 287% increase in traffic in  the 1st year.
  • Retained all rankings when transferred to new website
  • Winning a contract in the middle east
  • Growth in the USA & Europe



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