Do This To Build An Engaged Audience And Grow Your Customer List

Posted By Leigh Woolard August 14th, 2019

By being consistent with your content and Facebook adverts I guarantee you will build a better customer list and growth in sales every month.


For example we took over a campaign for a business with proven products. The campaigns focus was setup to sell and discount offer on every advert they ran. Their engagement and CTR (click-through rate) at the top of their sales process was very low which meant they were not making enough sales further along in the buyers journey. (Noย matter what data you look at sales trump everything)


Fortunately the client has great products so the business was still making profit but the Facebook ads campaign was making a loss most of the time which made them lose faith.


Sound like the issue you are having?


Here is what we have done and how to fix yours:


๐Ÿ”ฅย Create content for your ads that is useful and educates your future customer. Treat this like a conversation you may have face to face. DONT be lazy and always try and sell your product.


๐Ÿ”ฅย Create new adverts every 7 days to replace the ones not working or that have fatigued. (Watch the training for more on this)


๐Ÿ”ฅย Be prepared to be a bit uncomfortable or open with this change in how you create. Spending time building a relationship focused on helping your customer rather than attracting a fast purchase at a discount I guarantee will build you a better customer list and growth in sales every month.


This month this customer will make more than a 100% increase in sales on the same month in 2018 plus additional revenue likely to be over ยฃ20,000 from another product they were not even advertising on Facebook.


How consistent are you being with your content? Apply the above consistently and watch your customer list and business grow.

For more ideas to grow your business with Facebook ads watch this short training