How Online Coaches Can Have More Meaningful Engagement Online With Who They Want To Serve.

Posted By Arrow Digital November 2nd, 2018

Often we see entrepreneurs with amazing online coaching programs and amazing funnels however after year 1 they struggle to grow engagement and scale their audience.


If you are experiencing this it is due to the  message you or your agency have put out and the traffic methods you are/are not using.  You need traffic, traffic, traffic to scale but you need an incredible message and strategy to grow engagement and advance your ideal customer to buy.


Our focus today will be around Facebook Advertising and how your message, plus ‘who’ you target, impacts on the engagement of your adverts and the overall success of your campaign (conversions).


Having a proven online coaching program is an amazing achievement and I am sure if it is your passion something you are proud of. We understand you have worked hard to build your coaching material and your funnel however have you ever stopped and thought about the message you are putting out? Are you putting out multiple mixed messages?


It is common for entrepreneurs to focus on their funnel/landing pages, making changes tweaks constantly to find small improvements, however putting out the wrong sales message attracts the wrong type of audience and often repels the right type. The people who should be in your business and engaging with your adverts. No entrepreneur likes to admit they have attracted the wrong type of customer but it stems from the messages you put out.


How do we know that? In the past we did not focus on our message and we had a mixed bag of A, B, C and some D customers.  D customers = don’t pay on time and take up most of your time. This was because our sales message was wrong and our laser focus on who did not exist. We did targeting but it was all over the place and funny enough we landed customers from all over the place in different markets.


If you or your agency use the wrong message in your adverts then you will have had poor engagement, poor conversion rates and now you probably have turned down your ad campaign. Maybe you are keeping it running because you feel you need to have something and turning it down means you can stop throwing your money away. Hey, you may have even given up and turned your Facebook Ad Campaign off all together.


STOP!  Start researching now. What motivates your ideal customer to buy from you? Who is already selling to your ideal customer? What messages out there are working to get them to engage and move through to join your program?


Getting your message right means you will engage with who you want to serve and is key to the success of your Facebook Ad Campaign.  Start here and build a relationship so your audience can engage plus get to know, like and trust you.


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