How To Make PPC Work Better For Your Business

Posted By Emily Tree November 7th, 2017

As we know Pay Per Click (PPC) is a great tool for increasing your website traffic quickly and efficiently… but is the traffic that it’s bringing in really working for your business or is it dropping off and leaving your website as quickly as it arrives?


Whether your goal is for people to visit a certain area of your website, complete a specific form or perhaps you have an e-commerce site and want your traffic to convert to sales – whatever your goal, you need to ensure the traffic is converting for your needs.


There are thousands of PPC agencies and specialists in the UK but not all show you the full picture of the return on investment (ROI) of your PPC campaigns. Many of them will report on the traffic they’re bringing into your website but don’t always give you the whole story of how well that traffic is performing and essentially converting.


So what is a conversion?

A conversion is when someone makes a specific action on your site. So in order for people to convert you need to know what your goals are, and these will be different from business to business and website to website – here are a couple of examples:


  1. A non-e-commerce website wants to gather customer data for direct marketing and are doing this via a competition. Therefore the goal for the website traffic is to complete the competition entry form. Each time someone completes the form it’s classed as a conversion.
  2. A clothing brands e-commerce website is running an advertising campaign on a new shoe they have available and they want to know the ROI of the advertising campaign in relation to sales. The goal here would be for the traffic to purchase the shoe, therefore each time someone bought the shoe it would be a conversion.


How important are conversions to your business?

In terms of website traffic, conversions are one of the main ways to measure and evaluate the efficiency of your investment, and give you an important insight into your audience. Therefore the aim for all businesses is to have a good ROI and without setting your conversions you’re blindly advertising with no exact measurements in place.



At Arrow Digital we not only work specifically on setting conversion goals and outcomes that support your business, but we also understand and continually build conversions to help your business grow. A huge part of our role as specialists in the market is to ensure we are using the data to move your business goals forward and work alongside you as a partner. Using data analysis we examine historical data to ensure we make correct decisions for our clients from the outset. Once we are set up with the campaigns, we test them continuously so that each month we can provide you with conversion data and strategies for improving ROI.



As a PPC provider we feel that everyone should have this level of care to ensure your campaigns work for you. If you don’t believe this is currently the case for your business then please get in touch – we would be happy to discuss your needs, call 07795 973696.