If you spend £1 on an ad and make £2 back you will never have to worry about your business again.

Posted By Leigh Woolard October 25th, 2019

Over 13 years of working with brands and entrepreneurs on their online marketing the standout difference I see why some succeed and others don’t is their belief about Marketing.


Marketing principles haven’t changed in over 100 years.  You still have to understand your market to be able to deliver a message that attracts them to engage with your business that leads to a sale. The tools to deliver that message though have dramatically changed and now favour entrepreneurs.


I remember running mailshot campaigns, advertising boards and networking pre internet days. It was tough with no real tracking available. I like to call it ‘Hope Marketing.’ I hoped it landed in front of the right person and I hoped we made a sale from the efforts.


Today’s online marketing means you can run ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, allowing you to track your target audiences engagement and the sales that come from it.  Quickly you can adjust your targeting or advert if it is not working so you don’t keep wasting money and find people a good fit for your product(s).

Once you have discovered a successful audience and ad that is converting your £1 in £2, or in most cases more,  you can increase the budget to reach more people and grow the number of customers you help and your business at the same time.


Just imagine how much you would like to make next month in your business. Are you investing half that in your online marketing to find an audience that converts?

The reality is the entrepreneurs having the greatest success with online ads are.  They find winning audiences and invest to turn their £1 into £2+.


What is your biggest challenge with Facebook Ads? Share your question as their will be others with the same issue. Lets get your campaign firing!