Why Your Customers Are Tuning Out From Your Adverts

Posted By Leigh Woolard June 19th, 2019

The more you know about your product the harder it is for you to imagine what it’s like to not have it. This is the position your customers are in before purchasing from you.

We always start here when taking over ads for entrepreneurs and brands. It is very common they are not talking to their customers in their ads because they are so involved with their amazing products.


Everybody thinks they are communicating clearly but more often they are not. A majority of the time they are selling the products features in their ads and having to offer discounts to get engagement. This doesn’t attract the best customers.

Imagine having ads where you didn’t have to discount.


Here is how to fix your ads and grow your business:


 Don’t make assumptions. What you think because of your knowledge about your products is very different to someone without knowledge.


 Be intentional in learning from your customers so you can understand why they choose your product.


Listen to what they say and use that language in your ads to attract more ideal customers.


Don’t spray information about your product over them.


Some of this might sound obvious but I would like you to stop and think…… are you really learning and listening to your customers? It’s a challenge because you are so involved in your products.


Entrepreneurs and Brands that communicate clearly in their ads dominate the competition. Want to dominate the competition with your ads?

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